Prof. Dr. Savelina Popovska

Dr. Savelina Popovska

Prof. Savelina Popovska, DM, PhD, DSc is a National Clinical Pathology, Vice-Rector on European Integration and International Cooperation of Medical University Pleven. She is DSc in Pathological anatomy and Cytopathology and MD in Public Health and Healthcare Management.

Prof. Popovska has worked intensively in various international programs and specialized in prestigious universities, such as Saint George International Language Center, London UK; Cancer Research Center, Tel Aviv, Israel; European School for Pathology, Torino, Italy; Institute of Pathology, Medical University, Vienna, Austria; Center of Molecular Pathology, Institute of Pathology at Medical University, Basel, Switzerland; University of Bologna, Italy; Japan, and many others.
In clinical research area, prof. Popovska has worked on the assessment of accuracy, implementation and reproduction of in situ hybridization in HER 2 status detection in women with breast cancer. Prof. Popovska has been acknowledged for her achievements in the field of breast pathology and sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer; morphology of breast tumors; neo-adjuvant therapy of female genital system; pathology of colorectal cancer; gastro-intestinal stromal tumors and tumors of gastro-intestinal tract; molecular methods in pathology.

Prof. Popovska is an author of 19 books and over 100 publications in national and international periodicals, a number of participations in prestigious national and international congresses and symposia, as well as 17 international research projects.
Prof. Savelina Popovska has been awarded “Physician of the Year 2012” prize by Bulgarian Medicine Association and is a member of the European Society of Pathology, Bulgarian Society of Pathology, Bulgarian Homeopathic Society and Expert Board “MORE