Academy of Molecular Pathology in Oncology

Academy of Molecular Pathology in Oncology

Academy of Molecular Pathology in Oncology

Dear Colleagues,

BAPPM and Medical University Pleven continue with their special educational program for improving the qualification of medical professionals in the field of precision diagnosis and personalized medicine, not included in the current curricula of medical universities with guest-lecturers from Bulgaria and the world.

We are pleased to invite you at Academy of Molecular Pathology in Oncology – in-person event, in multidisciplinary format, with guest-lecturer Prof. Dr. Denis Horgan, founder and executive director of European Alliance for Personalised Medicine – EAPM, Chair of the Advisory Committee of the International Cancer Genome Consortium; Editor-in-chief of “Public Health Genomics”. He will speak on the recent advances in molecular pathology in oncology on European level and European policies for improving the broader implementation of precision diagnosis and molecular pathology in health systems of EU member states.

The role and the place of molecular pathology in modern precision diagnosis and the complex care for cancer patients with most common cancers, the information for the medical oncologist and for the onco-surgeon, carried by molecular pathology, genetic tests in oncology and other hot topics will be in the focus of the Academy.

Medical professionals, specialists and residents in medical oncology, pathology, onco-surgery, medical genetics, molecular biology, public health and health policy will be the target groups for the Academy of Molecular Pathology in Oncology.

Happy to see you there!

Dr. Jasmina Koeva-Balabanova

Chair of the Board of BAPPM

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