Academy of Molecular Urological Pathology

Academy of Molecular Urological Pathology



17.09.2021 /Friday/

16.30-17.00 Registration

17.00-17.30 Opening: Dr. Jasmina Koeva-Balabanova – Chair of the Board of BAPPM; Prof. Dr. Savelina Popovska, DM – Chair of Department of Pathological Anatomy, Medical University Pleven

17.30-18.30 State of the Art Lecture “Molecular Pathology in Urology”– Prof. Dr. George J. Netto, Chair of Department of Clinical Pathology, University of Alabama, USA

18.30-19.00 Q&A

19.00-21.30 Official Dinner for Speakers, Sponsors and Official Guests


08.30-09.00 Registration and Morning Coffee

09.00-09.15 Opening and practical instructions: Dr. Jasmina Koeva-Balabanova & Prof. Dr. Savelina Popovska,DM

09.15-10.15 Primary glomerulopathies (glomerulonephritis).Classification.Clinical & morphological characteristics.Glomerulonephritis with nephrotic &nephritic syndrome. Glomerulopathies in systemic and metabolic diseases – Prof. Dr.  Julian Ananiev, DM, Dean of Medical Faculty, Thracian University, Chair of Department of General and Clinical Pathology, Stara Zagora

10.15-10.30 Q&A

10.30-11.30 Bladder Tumors and Diseases. Urothelial carcinoma – clinical and morphological characteristics. Staging and grading. Renal tumors. Classification. Morphological variants. Staging and grading. Clinical and morphological characteristics – Prof. Dr. Vesselin Belovejdov, DM, Chair of Department of General and clinical pathology, Medical University Plovdiv

11.30-11.45 Q&A

11.45-12.15 Sponsored Lecture: „Atezolizumab and PD-L1 diagnostics of urothelial cancer”– Prof. Dr. Savelina Popovska, DM, Chair of Department of Pathological Anatomy, Medical University Pleven

12.15-12.30 Q&A

12.30-13.30 Penile tumors. Testicular and epididymis diseases and tumors of epididymis. Morphological findings and differential diagnosis – Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivanov, DM, Immunohistochemical laboratory, Department of clinical pathology, Medical University Pleven

13.30-13.45 Q&A

13.45-14.45 Working Lunch

 14.45-15.45 Prostate hyperplasia – morphological diagnosis, variants, and complications. Prostatitis and other benign processes in the prostate, imitating cancer.  Definition and differential diagnosis. Prostate cancer – morphological diagnostic methods, histological variants, grading and staging – Dr. Milen Karaivanov, Department of Pathological Anatomy, Medical University Pleven

15.45-16.00 Q&A

16.15 – 16.30 Closing of the Academy

16.30-17.30 General Assembly of BAPPM

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