Second Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine

Second Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine

Second Balkan Conference on Personalized Medicine

October 24th-25th, 2019, Hotel “Ramada”, Sofia



Organized by the Bulgarian Alliance for Precision and Personalized Medicine – BAPPM

In collaboration with the European Alliance for Personallised Medicine – EAPM, Medical University Pleven and Bulgarian Scientific Society of Human Genomics and Genetics

The underlying focus of the conference is to develop a framework that will enable the sharing of best practices on personalised medicine, and develop a coherent action for public-private regional collaboration between the relevant countries in the Balkans region.

The conference comes dovetails into EAPM’s SMART Outlook programme, now widely adopted, where ‘SMART’ stands for Smaller Member states And Regions Together.

SMART is an acknowledgement that much innovative work in healthcare occurs at such levels, and that cooperation and coordination between such cutting-edge parts of Europe is vital if personalised medicine is to be thoroughly embedded into the EU’s health systems.

Program outline:

Personalized Medicine –new paradigm in healthcare; integration of Personalized medicine in healthcare system; innovative pharmaceuticals and diagnostics – legal and regulatory frames; HTA of personalized medicine products; patients’ access to innovative treatments

New achievements in human genomics and genetics; gene therapy; European Genomic Initiative „1+MG“; precision diagnostics – NGS in preventive medicine and clinical practice – screening, early diagnosis, rare diseases, oncology and neurological diseases;

Implementation of AI in personalized medicine – current status and future

Molecular pathology – new achievements and implementation in clinical practice;

Precision imaging;

Personalized medicine in oncology- screening, target and combined therapy, adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, monitoring of lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, head and heck cancer;

Personalized medicine in hematology;

Personalized medicine and rare diseases

Personalized medicine and virus infections

Personalized medicine in neurology and psychiatry


Application for poster sessions:

Official languages: Bulgarian and English

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