About the Event: Conference “Breast Cancer from A to Z”

About the Event: Conference “Breast Cancer from A to Z”

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The Bulgarian Alliance for Precision and Personalized Medicine (BAPPM) organizes a Conference “Breast Cancer from A to Z”, on May, 17th, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The aim of the event is to give the floor to all stake-holders to present their prospective and to position themselves in the overall struggle with the most common cancer among women.

The conference will give opportunity for presenting the cutting edge technologies for screening, early diagnosis, precision diagnostics and therapy of breast cancer. It will enlighten the opportunities for even stronger interdisciplinary cooperation for the benefit of the patients and the society.

The agenda includes: screening, early diagnosis, precision diagnostics – genetic and bio-molecular tests, pathological diagnosis, imaging, drug and combined therapy, surgery, radiotherapy and monitoring of the results.

In order to make the struggle with breast cancer in a real success story of saving lives, we need political will and institutional support. We need health policy of ensuring all stages of a sustainable integrated strategy and respective legal, regulatory and administrative framework.

Special guests of the Conference will be Ass. prof. dr. Nadya Dimitrova – European Science Hub, European Commission and Denis Horgan – Executive Director of European Alliance for Personalised Medicine=

The agenda includes the following discussion panels:

  1. Role of the institutions in the struggle with breast cancer. Access to diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Screening, early diagnosis, precision diagnosis and their role in the therapeutic choice.
  3. Interdisciplinary team in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the results.
  4. Drug therapy of breast cancer: chemotherapy, target therapy, adjuvant and neo-adjuvant therapy.

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