Precision Diagnostics – Key to Personalized Medicine

Precision Diagnostics – Key to Personalized Medicine

BAPPM has organized a Discussion Forum „Precision Diagnostics – Key to Personalized Medicine” on the 27.04.2017 in “Hilton”, Sofia. Key objectives of the forum were: underling the critical role of precision molecular and genetic diagnostics for the implementation of personalized medicine and achievement of consensus among stakeholders on reimbursement of companion diagnostics. The forum gathered over 90 specialists, among which 5 national consultants and 7 chairs of scientific societies, representatives of different healthcare institutions, payers, NGOs and patients’ organizations. Institutional partners were EAPM, Bulgarian Medicine Association and Medical University Pleven.

BAPPM presented an Action plan for reimbursement of companion diagnostics, which was unanimously accepted by all participants.

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